New Semester, 3Ds Max Super Spicy Curry Edition and Tourneys

Ok. Lots of things been going on during my month of “inactivity”. Inactivity refers to my lack of blog presence, and not to my everyday life which has been fairly busy. University, DotaCinema moderating duties, university stuff, gaming, etc. Been thinking of how to expand my abilities to try and earn a living, but I’m gonna procrastinate a bit more on it.

So, new semester in university. I was excited because we are covering 3D modelling; bad news was that it was in 3Ds Max, which I don’t particularly like (I loathe it in fact. Or did). Using it for lessons has softened me up to it, but I still prefer ZBrush and Maya. But yeah, the tricks I used before were unnecessary for making what I wanted to make, it seems. I used some complex methods and procedures to produce shitty works before, and now I can do simple procedures to provide decent work! You grab a shape, pull out its sides and faces a bit….And voila! A sword! No, really. It’s that easy.


This was my 2nd ever time in 3Ds Max. Not too shabby. It’s not professional, but I impressed myself with this half hour’s work. What do you think?

My main aim through 3D modelling is to create assets and cosmetics for Valve games via the Steam Workshop. TF2 and Dota 2 are at the top of the list, but I just know other games will occupy slots in the workshop in time. But yeah, not going professional. I want to learn the ins and outs, but ultimately it’ll remain a hobby that could earn me a quick buck.

Next, moderating sure is tough business. It’s either some idiot ruining your mood with a racist topic or people complaining to you about contest results (actually, this didn’t happen much at all). Nonetheless, the 2nd DotaCinema Lore Contest Results came out recently, and I’m still delivering prizes. Issue is, one of our former judges may need to drop out, so I’ll need to do interviews and all that shiz to find me a new judge for the next contest….Plus more prizes. Ugh. Well, it’s fun at least.


Tournaments. Lots of work for both participants and those who run it in the background. Though I wasn’t involved much in the background work (kudos to the admins and mods who did manage it!), but I was a participant in it, in a team of the finest moderators and recurring members on the site (even an admin among our ranks!). We lost in the first round. But! We lost with dignity (I didn’t. I was crying for hours). The Smoke of Defeat tournament was a marginal success, but the Asia version didn’t run so smoothly, so future Asia tournaments don’t seem to be in the books. Sorry people across the globe. But! Smoke of Defeat will return in the future, with hopefully even bigger prizes and even bigger teams battling out for glory. If you missed it, you can check out DotaCinema’s Youtube channel where Reaves and SUNSfan cast the final rounds.


Curry. Don’t let the googled Kirby curry image put you off. I went to a local asian joint for a take-out one night, and it was one of those Chinese places where they localize their dish names, e.g Bang Bang Chicken, Fried Chilli Beef, Dumplings, etc. Now, they had a special on the “Super Duper Spicy Chicken Curry”, which caught my eye. So I basically ordered it. I swear I saw a look of pity on the chef’s expression as I left with this dish practically glowing with artificial preservatives and secret spicy stuff. I slapped it on a plate and took a big mouthful. Oh dear, I can’t taste things even now. It was so hot, I felt like I was going to die. Pouring bleach down my throat and lighting it on fire would’ve felt much more comfortable than that vile radioactive curry slithering down my throat, burning and scathing every inch of it. So the moral of this story is, just cause something is exaggerated in a questionable restaurant’s menu, don’t think the exaggerations may be true or not. They ARE true. Always. Don’t doubt them. Listen to the people. Don’t you dare take the risk. It’ll cost you your life. It almost cost me mine…


In terms of anime, I’ve still been tuning into Psycho-Pass (still awesome), among some new titles. Sasame-san@Ganbaranai is a cool new series I got into recently which is a bout…..Well, I can’t describe it, but it’s slice of life meets sci-fi fantasy randomness with a smidge of mindfuckery? Fans of Haruhi will enjoy it for sure, though some slate it as a Haruhi v.2, or from some of the more radical critics, “the ugly abortion come-to-life from a radioactive spill that was born from a messy one night stand between Haruhi and MuvLuv, with a bit of generic slice-of-life-featuring-hikkikomori wedged in between”. Let’s be honest, I’ve been mildly amused by it so far. It’s not the greatest, but I’ll keep tuned to see how it progresses. First episode is a must-watch though; it has a girl who turns her knockers into weapon batteries, the generic faceless male being cast into a protagonist role and a doomsday plot involving Valentine’s Day chocolate. Hoorah.


Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai initiated its second season recently too. While I’m generally not a fan of the passing slice of life animes that seems to get more and more fanservicey by the season, this was one that genuinely made me laugh hard; something nothing had accomplished for a while before. So I’m a fan of the series cause of its memorable characters and fair story too; not the greatest, but it’ll do. The second season is 5 episodes in and hasn’t disappointed yet. I strongly recommend watching the first series if you’re a slice of life fan.


Do you like tanks? I didn’t, much. Until I got introduced to this nice little F2P grindfest. People who dislike tanks and grinding, avoid this. People who like tanks and grinding, get this. It’s a fairly well-built F2P game with a thriving fanbase. Drive tanks around in shoot people. That’s the name of the game. Why i like it so much is that it’s the least time consuming online game I’ve ever played; I can easily squeeze up to 5 or 7 matches into my lunch breaks, do matches on the sidelines while doing work, and all the while blow shit up. It’s very fun and is very good at getting you into the action quickly, since the matchmaking will pair you up in mere seconds. Balance, on the other hand…It’s a work in progress. Still, nothing satisfies more in this game then whipping out my Tier 6 SU-100 Tank Destroyer and sniping some dumb fucks who sit around in the middle of nowhere. And if that don’t work, pull out the 152mm KV-2 Heavy Tank…And trust me, 152mm does not refer to length. It’s free, so give it a go!


Lastly, my close friend introduced me to yet another new game this month. Now, I’m not usually one for open-world MMOs; even in game environments, I’m shy and stay away from crowds. So before, when you hit the point where you absolutely had to team up with others, i just put the game down. But this one made me break out of the shell. The stunning graphics and riveting plot are what drove me to try and experience this game to the fullest, and to be honest, it’s paid off. I’m going out on expeditions to fight through dungeons and kill massive BAMs (Big-Ass Monsters). The dynamic combat in this game is by no means exaggerated in reviews; it’s so fun and doesn’t get old (for me, anyway). It keeps you on your toes and makes every fight against a BAM a test of your patience, concentration, and if in a team, communication. The quests can seem rather drab at times, and the game is relatively straightforward up till Lv20, by which point many players get bored. This is but the first test, for Lv20 is the benchmark where things get serious. When you fight your first BAM….You’ll see why TERA is such a great MMO. Does it beat others? Considering it’s the only one that got me over my phobia of large crowds in games, I’d say it does for me. But I’m sure others have different opinions. I got into it right before it went F2P, so feel free to download it since it is now free! Of course, you can still purchase the standard game if you want all those super cool premium benefits that are purely cosmetic, cause you know. That’s the hip trend these days, ain’t it?

I ran out of things to say, so I’m gonna wrap this post up. Lots of new things in the first month, and much more await me in the next. Stay strong all, and live happy and healthy lives. So I can ruin them later.

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Moderatorneering and Psychopassipy

Hope everyone had wonderful holidays; I didn’t. But some cool things happened.

Firstly, I received a PS Vita for my Christmas gift. A wonderful little device it is. I can do many things on it…..If i had a working 3G! Oh well, I won’t use it much yet anyway, since a lot of the Japanese games I want on it have yet to be released. One game I did download onto here was Fate/Extra!


For those unfamiliar with the Fate franchise, Fate/Extra is a spin-off game from the massively popular Fate/Stay Night series. It is an RPG game that revolves around “you” (protagonist) as you compete in a tournament-style war in a cyber-world. Many conflicts await you, against enemies and within yourself. It is a game that will toy with your emotions and the way you look at the comparisons between the real and the virtual. The game mechanics play like an RPG dungeon crawler-esc type, with quite a bit of grinding for experience points. Regardless, it follows a unique phase-based battle system that can even make weaker enemies remain as a threat to you. The main selling points for this game to the non-Fate fan are the unique flow of gameplay, the immersive and gripping story and the number of routes the player has access to if they wish to 100% it. Definitely a recommendation for fans of the JRPG genre, or the RPG genre in general.

I am currently still traversing dungeons with my Servant, grinding to face my 4th opponent in the tournament….Who is much scarier than one would think, especially if you’re a hardcore Type-Moon fan like me!

Next! Moderating. It’s a job many people have heard of, I’m sure. In some cases it’s not too much of a big deal, but in my case I think it’s an honor to say that I am glad to have the priviledge of being recruited into the DotaCinema Moderating crew. The site is rapidly developing with quite the committed community at its disposal, and bright things are awaiting in the future. I am happy to be onboard as part of the team now who spearhead that development onto bigger and greater things, and will ensure that I will play my part. Check CLASSIFIED for a link to the site, and check it out! We welcome Dota fans of all kinds!

Nowadays, my life is very busy with internet jobs popping up as well as university stuff. Anime watching used to be a passion of mine, but now it’s more of a hobby in spare time. That has changed with a recently commenced series called Psycho-Pass, which I have become inexplicitly hooked to!


This series, the most recent from the conniving, ingeniously devious mind of Gen Urobuchi, is AMAZING. I’ve been waiting for a good anime to arrive to grace my days, but none seem to have achieved it since Fate/Zero and Madoka Magica. But I need wait no longer! Urobuchi once again saved me from the perils of real life! Hooray.

Psycho-Pass is set in a futuristic Japan where a computer program called the Sibyl System runs the city and its facilities. The main quirks of Sibyl is that it uses analysis of people’s minds to decide their futures for them, and can also use such data to judge on whether they are a latent criminal or not. Of course, you can already think of the many flaws this will bring up in the series…It follows the young, post-graduate girl Tsunemori Akane as she becomes the new addition to a team in the city police force. There, she works as Inspector who leads a team of latent criminals put up to hunt down other criminals. They are known as Enforcers….Throughout the story, Akane not only sees the darker sides of humanity and crime within the city, but also comes to see the flaws and darkness that truly lurk within the Sibyl System itself.

Urobuchi’s dark and twisted mind is portrayed and conveyed wonderfully in this series, the animation quality is great, the characters are memorable and easy to identify, and the plot is….well let’s just say, you wouldn’t expect anything else from Urobuchi. As with many of his stories, it will raise questions in your mind, shock you with the amount of emotional psychological elements he incorporates into the scenes and plot, and most of all, it will make you shed tears….Whether you actually do cry, or just think it’s sad, there will be at least one moment of this twisted joy-ride that will wrench at your heart, begging for it to scream out….Oh lovely tragedy!

Anyway, that wraps up my thoughts for the start of 2013. Fuck you 2012, we won’t miss you, and fuck you 2013. You better be a good boy, or it won’t be nice for anyone, all year long….

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Introductions & Formalities

“Conflict is humanity’s primal instinct. Eliminating it would mean eliminating humanity itself.” – Kotomine Kirei, Fate/Stay Night

Greetings, reader and/or viewer and/or follower.

I am one that goes by many names, but recently I adopted the alias NRVQSR. If you wonder why I selected such an abstract name, feel free to ask  me about it through the comments. I’ll be happy to respond….In some way.

Now, who am I and what do I do?

Well, I like to talk about things. I guess a lot of people like to talk about things, but the way I’ll be talking is for you all  to listen. And once you’ve listened, then perhaps you may share your own input and ideas with me. As for who I am (not in name but in individual), I’m a person who likes to classify themselves as an “unofficial” concept designer for fictions and video games alike. I’m also quite an avid gamer, with proficiency in games such as Dota 2 and TF2.

Cutting down on vagueness, I will be talking about topics around video games and Japanese culture. These are two areas I’m rather fond of, and I’m surely not the first to be doing a blog about such  things. Yet, I will try my hardest to make this a more unique blog than others. I’ll talk about these topics in depth (hopefully) and focus on certain things that catch my interest. I will also be looking to discuss certain ideas I may come up with for my own creations.

Yes, these hands I have the amateurish ability to create. I can draw decently well and often come up with ideas of my own for original settings. Some of these ideas I hope to share with others,  and maybe even find people to help me materialize them. So occasionally you may find the odd image  drawn up by me appearing here.

I may also write reviews about things I become impressed/disappointed by, and pass my opinions onto you lot so you can make your own decisions.

Well then. I don’t have much else to say right now. If you wish to get into contact with me (unlikely), I can be contacted on my e-mail, through the comment system here, or via my Steam ID, which will be given below.

For those who do start reading my blog, I hope you have a wonderful time here….Because I wish I was having a wonderful time too.


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